Privatization Consulting

We make sure to support the Kingdom’s privatizations program that aims to enhance the role of the private sector in providing services and government assets. In saying so, we aim to be your partner as you explore opportunities in the region through privatization initiatives.

Services within privatization consulting are:

Asset management

Share Issue Privatization (SIP)

Asset Sale Privatization

Voucher Privatization

Analyzing the legal framework

Due diligence of Public Organizations

Assets Valuation

Risk Assessment

Process Restructuring

Feasibility Study Development

Analysis of expected cases

Organizational Restructuring

Development and Review of Contractual Agreement

Fundraising – Communication with Financial Institutions

Negotiations with Stakeholders (e.g., minority shareholders, key suppliers etc.)



Jadarah Business Consulting

We are a Saudi consulting firm that offers distinct services to various organizations across the Kingdom. We maintain wide connections within the public, humanitarian, and private sectors.