Business Analysis & Project Planning

By providing business analysis and project planning services, Jadarah’s experts assist in the launch of Bids requirements & specifications (RFP), and estimated cost to ensure that the project will be implemented by the most qualified contractors with the adherence of the government’s procurement system.

Services within business analysis and project planning are:

launch of Bids requirements & specifications (RFP) with high quality that guarantees the success of its offering

Ensure the capabilities of the appropriate companies to implement this project

Ensure the achievement of project objectives

Determine the estimated cost accurately

Ensure that the Bids requirements & specifications, when presented, does not contain any conflict or violation of the tender and procurement system

Avoid re-offering due to lack of clarity of the requirements



Jadarah Business Consulting

We are a Saudi consulting firm that offers distinct services to various organizations across the Kingdom. We maintain wide connections within the public, humanitarian, and private sectors.