Environmental and Sustainability Consulting Services

Environmental and Sustainability Consulting Services

Services within Environmental and Sustainability are:

Environmental Consultancy

Using data-driven approaches to support clients across various environmental services, including. Environmental management systems (EMS), natural resources management, and environmental impact assessment (EIA). 

ESG Strategy and Reporting

Gap assessment of current ESG disclosure practices, benchmark, and implementation of roadmaps and action plans to enhance disclosure. 

Climate Change Risk Assessment

Assist clients in various sectors of the economy with climate consulting services, including climate impact assessment, climate risks & opportunities, climate finance, and adaptation and resilience action plans.

Sustainability Strategy and Transformation

Design and implement strategies to reduce clients' carbon footprint, develop net-zero strategy, measure emissions, and set science-based targets. 

Climate & Sustainability Policy and Regulation

Support public and private sectors with policy analysis and development, ensure compliance with environmental regulations & international agreements, and advise on international practices. 

Plastic Pollution and Circular Economy

Develop strategies to manage plastic waste and support clients transitioning from a linear to a circular economy. 



Jadarah Business Consulting

We are a Saudi consulting firm that offers distinct services to various organizations across the Kingdom. We maintain wide connections within the public, humanitarian, and private sectors.

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